Monday, January 21, 2013

When Circumstances {ARE NOT} Ideal

Peak into our lives right now with living in Ecuador.

No hot water in the kitchen sink since november.

Oh the joys of living in this country.

Dishes.  Normally I don't overly enjoy doing dishes (or folding laundry).

But I can put on a good podcast in my ear with

The normal 25 minute dishes duty now takes about 45 minutes (one day I was doing dishes for 2 hours!) with having to carry hot water from our bathroom.  With a podcast in the ear it does make the time go by.

Our hot water for our washing machine uses the same hot water heater as the kitchen- so to wash all my cloth diapers we have to fill a huge bucket of hot water from our bathroom and dump it in the washer.  (I can't lift the bucket full of water so my husband has been amazing at helping me fill the washer twice a week for Zane's diapers.)  But it is getting old.

We have asked the owners of the apartment if they can come fix the water multiple times. They told us recently they have sent a plumber up 4 times already and that nothing was wrong.  We were astonished and told them NO one has come to our place yet!  They were either being really nice Ecuadorians with not wanting to offend us or they sent the plumber to our neighbors.

To top it all off our main toilet stopped flushing today.  Go figure!

What do you listen to while doing mundane tasks around the house?  I am starting to want more material to work with in all these extra time consuming chores!

I am thankful that God doesn't stop working.  I have one thing in my life that remains constant no matter where I live!

Waiting hopefully with full expectation for this mysterious "plumber" to come today,

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  1. I lived overseas for a few years. I am ever reminded of those times without water, heat, and electricity. Less than ideal for sure. And yet, I miss those days as if they were the best days ever. In some ways, they were.
    I don't think I thought of them great at the time. I'm pretty sure I prayed hard and longed for it's immediate return.
    I don't know if you have heard of the Daily Audio Bible, but I listen to that.

    1. Cheryl, Thank you for these encouraging words when I am in the midst of it- it helps to know that these are good days! I haven't heard of the Daily Audio Bible- I'm definitely going to look in to that. Thanks so much!