Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Update


July is finishing and so much has happened. Just this last weekend I finished three courses. What a headache they were, but a relief to have them done and out of the way. It seems my legs have been chained to my desk. Pray that I can finish strong with three more exams to go and then I am finished.

Today was one of those days where you go a lot of places and do a lot of waiting in lines and you really don’t seem to get a lot done, but you have to keep going. The stress level was high as I worked on needed paperwork to leave the country. The unknown looms around every corner surprising me with the unexpected tasks. Fortunately Alaina has been here to go through it all with me. I’m thankful that God has allowed us to spend so much time together before I leave the country. He is faithful and takes care of our needs according to His riches in glory. So often I fight Him on what is best for me because I’m confused or experience discomfort, but He is the Father and I am the child. I pray to be reminded that He does what is best for His children because He loves us.

Raising support has been going well. The 21st of July I spoke at North Park Church here in Meridian, MS. I’ve been attending the church since I got here last August and they have enthusiastically agreed to be my sending church or “home church” for which I am very grateful. Soon I will try to have a clip from the sermon I preached on the blog. The church had what is called a Faith Promise Sunday where each person is presented with the opportunity to make a promise to give toward missions. Those who make that promise believe by faith that God will provide that amount each month so that they can give. It is a wonderful exercise in faith and comes with many good stories of how God has provided for people over the years who have committed in faith to give toward missions. This may be something you each consider as you partner with myself and others who are answering the call to missions.

I am very grateful for those who have given over the past three months. It is a very short time to raise any kind of support. Thank you so much to those who have given thus far.


-I have begun the Visa process a little late and need things to go quickly and smoothly over the next month or so. Pray that this will happen so that I can be in country with a mission visa and not just a tourist visa. Otherwise I will have to leave and reenter the country every 30 days. That’s expensive.

-Schooling finishing up…tests and courses will be passed and finished well.

-I’m doing a leadership seminar for a local youth group. Pray that the group will work well together and I will be able to teach concepts clearly as this is my first time doing something like this


-I am in need of a new computer. The one I have seems to be failing. I cannot use ministry money for this as it is a personal expense ($1000). Having a computer in Ecuador will be a must for communicating and day-to-day tasks such as e-mail, internet, etc. If you would like to contribute toward this send your gift to:

Loren Holland

6233 15th ave.

Meridian, MS


Thank you so much and may God Bless you as you seek Him.

-Loren Holland

Monday, July 7, 2008


Our weekend in Nashville was great! Alaina and I spent a few days with Neil and Laura Gowan and their little baby Sally Jane. Have any of you ever been to the Cheesecake Factory? I highly recommend it if you have the money. Alaina and I are enjoying our cookie dough cheesecake with Neil, Laura and Sally in Cool Springs (I think that's the town) just south of Nashville. Neil and Laura were both friends from Ecuador

What a cute baby!

We had a packed weekend as the premier of Veggie Tales' new vegetable adventure The Big River Rescue was shown in Franklin that Friday. And none other than THE voice of Larry the Cucumber was present.

It's always great to share with old friends. Especially with those who have had a similar experience living in Ecuador. We even shared a meal of Ecuadorian ceviche one evening.

As I look over the pile of schoolwork that still lies ahead of me I am reminded that nothing happens with out the power of God at hand. Please pray that I will have the discipline needed to accomplish what has been apportioned to me. Most of all I'm learning to surrender it all as I can do nothing to change my future.
Support raising is going well. Over $3,000 were raised just in the month of June. That puts me just over the half-way mark. YES! God is good. He will get me where He wants me to be in His timing. Continue to pray for support to come in and perhaps even you may decide to give.

In Him,
Loren Holland