Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sushi Shell & Summer

We are sad that the Devries family (works at Youth World with us) are moving back to the states. They have been a great part of our transition back here to Quito. We will miss their smiles, energy, and family! Goodbyes are a huge part of Missionary Kids' lives. Loren had a party for Kyle and we gave Jess, Grace, and Rachel a "Glad we said hello" party... they won't be back next year and we will miss them tons! The end of the school year went well and these gals got to spend a lot of time with me in the Coffee Shop! We are having Summer youth group nights at our house every Wednesday night. This was our first night together and we ate, played pass the pigs, had a Bible study, sang songs, and hung out! The next youth group night we had Sushi! We went shopping, then made it all from scratch! Lina and Diana helped me all afternoon in the Kitchen. We had wonderful Sushi thanks to Lina's expert help! Loren and I got a chance to go to Shell and visit his brother Morgan who is doing an Internship at the HCJB hospital. This is a photo of us in front of the Nate Saint House. The house is currently under construction for restoration. This is Sammy, a little boy from Casa de Fe Orphanage in Shell, who absolutely loved Loren. While we were in Shell we stayed at a Hosteria that use to be Loren and Morgan's house when they were growing up! It now has a pool in the backyard and a new paint job!