Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Craft Mania- Easy Advent Calendar!

This year we are doing an advent calendar- and because I have limited time between feeding my 2 month old and household chores, it is a really simple one to make.

1. First I spray painted our cork board black

2. I bought a box of cute thank you cards

3. I came up with what we wanted to do each day

4. Wrote on sticky notes what we were going to do each day

5. Inserted the sticky notes inside the cute thank you cards

6. And Pinned them to my board! (that is ALL!)

The rest of the events we are doing that you do not see in the 'note' above are the following:

10: get a food basket ready for the building grounds keeper and his family

11: Watch a classic Christmas movie

12: Host a game night with a Christmas ugly sweater theme

13: Make apple cider and drink it by the tree while skyping with friends wishing them a merry Christmas

14: Volunteer at Pan de Vida (ministry giving bread to the poor) and take clothes to them

15: Make caramelized red and green popcorn

16: Attend the Alumni Christmas event at AAI

17: Make reindeer foot prints and finger prints- the idea came from Pinterest! (which by the way is one of my favorite places to look up fun crafts!)

18: Make and decorate Christmas cookies with our youth group

19: Give out free coffee and say Feliz Navidad in downtown Quito

20: Go look at Christmas light decorations

21: Video Skype with family wishing them a Merry Christmas

22: Make a marshmallow/corn flake green wreath with red hots as 'berries'

23: Wrap all Christmas presents

24: Bake a birthday cake for Jesus and go the the Christmas eve service at church

25: Eat red and green pancakes and celebrate Jesus by reading the Christmas story

Final Product!

I really enjoyed making this and next year I can just change the sticky notes to match our next year's schedule!


  1. Great ideas--thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE YOUR CREATIVE IDEAS!!!! This is the first time I am looking on your blog and it is GREAT! Love the pics