Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sock Monkey Fiesta!

Zane Turns ONE!

September 29, 2012

DIY sock monkey decorations here.
Good Morning BIRTHDAY BOY!

How old are you?

Family Photo
Husband-strong helped hang decorations

Moms & Sons
Friends at Z's party

Bring on the sweet!
I didn't even have to put a bib on him, he was so neat.
Like father like son... not like his mother.
Nope- didn't like the first bite.
Finally decided he wanted to chew up the candle.
 Nana Bare & Zane enjoying the snacks
Loren's Idea:  TV silently looped videos of Zane from birth to one!
Sock Monkey Photo Booth

Papaw & Nana Bare

Make your own Sock Monkey Puppet!

Aunt K & Aunt AJ
Later that night we let him stay up past his bed time and play with his new toys!

Zane talked with Grandma & Grandpa Holland as well as Uncle Nick in the USA.
Zane waved and 'told' them all about his party.

What a blessed time we had.  Thank you for sharing these special moments with us.

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  1. This party is SO cute and creative! I have to say, you used my sock monkey template in more ways than I had even pictured! : )

    1. Glad you liked it! Loved using sock monkey template so much! THANK YOU!! ;-)