Friday, January 4, 2013

Jungle Time Christmas

Our Christmas was filled with hiking through the Amazon Jungle.

Crossing rivers...

Sitting on rocks...

Climbing giant tree-houses...
Mirike & Amber
Fishing in the river...

Jungle standing around...

Mom & Dad

Z loved the many many stairs!

Christmas day was a special time with family.  Zane also received 3 different dump trucks of various sizes.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Train Grandma Holland gave him.  Goes "vroom" like the trucks.
Sister gift Katelyn gave us- really cute!

Uncle Mirike is so silly

Making home-made Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas morning!

This fish was excited to be around Zane...


Hiking to the jungle zoo...

"Don't give sweets to the animals"

 The house the President of Ecuador stays in when he comes to the jungle.

 Pastaza River

Loren had a monkey who looked just like this growing up as a pet!

Listening to Christmas music
Relaxing with husband at the pool while grandpa and Aunt K babysat!

 Spent the night in Banos, Ecuador

Banos Restaurant

Walking boy

Visiting Palon de Diablo Waterfall...

the crew after our hike back up hill from the waterfall
This sign was on the wall behind where we parked our car.

"Caught thief will be burned whether kid or adult"
 Mirike, Amber, Kate, and AJ all rode 4-wheelers in Banos.

Eating in Banos...

Back in Quito

Quito Basilica Church

Touring old town

Last Breakfast all together for a while...

All of us siblings together again!
 With fond memories,
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  1. So enjoyed your family Christmas! I miss Ecuador, but we are quite happy here. Blessings to you all in 2013!

  2. Blessings to you too! Great to hear from you!!!!