Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coffee Shop Make-over!

We had our last BYOM CHOM (bring your own mug coffee house open mic)! This is a snap shot of the families who came! About 150 people. Students are welcome to come with their instruments and talent! It was a huge success and families can't wait until we do it again next year! Presenting the new Coffee Shop look! The Coffee Shop got a make-over with the help of a team that came from TN! Alaina and some of her gal's at the coffee shop hanging out!This is my friend Nicole who is here for 6 weeks studying Spanish. She helped us paint the coffee shop! Loren completed another year on June 3rd! This is the last month all us girls can hang out because my parents are going to the states for 8 months for their furlough time and putting Katelyn in college! We had our one year anniversary celebration June 6th. We went to the Jungle and stayed in a tree house! Being married for one year now enables me to predict when Loren is going to hide around the corner to scare me. ;-) My cousin Riley and my grandma are in town for the next two weeks for my sister's graduation and a mission trip to the Jungle. This picture is of Loren and I praying for seniors' future at the baccalaureate service. The whole senior class! We will miss these guys when they leave! Bare, Holland, Lolley, and Lacefield families represented for Katelyn's graduation! The End!