Saturday, December 22, 2012

Advent Calendar Week 4

December 16:  Mosaic Ice Skating

View video of Loren skating around.  ;-)

December 17:  English Fellowship Church Staff/Volunteer Christmas Dinner

We also watched Author Christmas for the first time.  Cute movie!

December 18:  Watched the Nutcracker Ballet!

One of the girls who comes to our Mosaic youth group was the main dancer!  She played

The ballet was marvelous.  Absolutely marvelous.  We got front row seats by her parents and she dances beautifully!

Brought back memories of my ballet dancing days.  I danced for 7 years.  Two of those years on toe shoes.  Look at this old picture.  Came home dreaming of starting it up again...

December 19:  Wrap Christmas Gifts!

I also finished the Xmas craft projects I have been putting aside. I have also done a lot of cleaning this day. We have now been completely out of hot water in our sink for a whole WEEK.  Our hot water heater decided all on his own never to heat water again.  I have been heating water on the stove to do dishes.  Can't wait for a new water heater!  Who knows when its going to come though- it seems like this particular problem about living here is taking a LONG time to fix.

Reading time with Zane:  {Day 1} in the book What God wants for Christmas.

Zane loved opening the box to find what was inside!  This day was the angel Gabriel.

Found this youtube version here:  But its much better when you have the actual boxes that your kids can open up to discover what is inside.

December 20:  Watched Elf & played games

We were very international in our game playing.  

We played Ticket to Ride Germany version:

And Dutch Blitz!

These are two of my favorite games to play!  I also like Settlers of Catan- but that will come later in the Christmas vacation days!  ;-)

Reading with Zane: {Day 2} What God wants for Christmas.

With excitement that Christmas is just 5 days away, 
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Calendar Week 3

December 11:  Laundry (had a lot...)- (while listening to Christmas music!)  ;-)

December 12:  We went to the store and bought some Christmas movies we were missing!

Aurther Christmas, Elf, Sound of Music (ok not Christmas but we got it) ;-)
Unfortunately you can't find The Nativity Story anywhere around here.
Zane started walking this day! See VIDEO.

December 13:  Made 5 dozen sugar cookies for upcoming events!

December 14:  Girls night at Jess' house.  Decorated cookies.

Jess is pregnant with their first little boy.  He was moving around and everyone wanted to feel!

Jess hides a pickle ornament in the tree every year.  The girls wanted to find it- so they looked and looked and looked for over 10 minutes.  After rolling on the ground with laughter and looking for it like  crazy they finally found it!

Hadn't heard yet about the tragic events of the Newtown Elementary School shooting.  We do not have cable therefore we get the news usually the next morning when we read the news on the internet.  We were deeply saddened, shocked, and prayed for these families who lost their loved ones.

December 15:  Went to Miracle Worker by Alliance Academy Drama department!  

Play about Helen Keller!

Becca "Helen" & AJ great friends from Shell

They did an amazing job performing!  Many of our youth from Mosaic performed in the drama.  It was very entertaining, extremely well acted, and a joy to watch.

View Advent Activities Week 1 & Week 2.

Enjoy this moment,
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zane Walking!

Our 14 month old picked a great day 12-12-12 to start officially walking.  (Officially means with excitement and gumption to do it on his own for a long period of time!)

What joy children are,

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent Calendar Week 2

December 6:  Girls day.  Scrapbooking with Ashley!

This was such a joy to me!  Loren was so sweet to keep Zane for the afternoon while I got to scrapbook with a dear friend.  I am finishing up his first year... just 2 months behind- not too bad.   (Before you think I'm on top of things- after this scrapbook I will go back and make our wedding album...!)

December 7: Home-made Pumpkin Butter & Pumpkin Muffins!

Recipe for Pumpkin Muffins was found in a magazine... sorry no link!

To keep the little guy entertained while I baked:

I had to sweep the floor after this messy time for the both of us!

The recipe for pumpkin butter.
I made enough for two small jars.  Froze one and kept on in the fridge for current usage!

December 8: Eden's first Birthday Party.

December 9: Mosaic hang out!  

For more information/updates on current happenings with our youth group visit:

December 10: Chocolate chip cookies & Basketball!

We also got to watch some of our Mosaic guys play in their first basketball game of the year!

To see what we did the first week: check out Advent Calendar Week 1.
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Mosaic Ice

Sneak peak into what our youth group is up to!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Zambiza Dump Christmas Party

Picture the Zambiza Garbage Dump Christmas Party.  For more information on what the party is all about and how it came to be see my post on Advent Calendar Week 1.

The following photos were taken by Mrs. Schirmacher!  Thank you so much for sharing.  We love this family!  They are working in the German department of the HCJB radio station.  

These students have been consistent in our youth group for a few years now 
and we have come to enjoy like crazy hanging out with them!
They are genuine, trustworthy, and radiate Christ to those around them.

Zane's first picture with Santa!

Just love the unique outfits.

People lined up to enter the party!

Zane and I's job- hand out candy!

No age limit for who gets to play!

It got hot- Zane loved his water!

Love the NY fan.  ;-)

Tons of people waiting their turn in line to come in!

With fond memories,
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