Friday, February 19, 2010

Did someone say high altitude?

We are here in lovely WARM Ecuador!
As we walk up the steps to our apartment carrying our belongings to move in we notice the lack of oxygen in these parts. We live at around 9500 ft.
Here is a photo of the outside of our place. We live on the second story. We are house sitting for a missionary family who will be in the states for a year. It is a huge blessing since they already have a washer, fridge, stove...ext.
Ecuador is a beautiful country as you will see in this video.
We have a skype number and anyone can call us and it is like you are calling a cell phone in the states. We have to be at the computer with it online to actually talk with you. If we are not online when you call, you can leave a message for us! We would love to hear from you guys! Our number is: 601-621-4066
We will be telling you more details about our adventures on a later blog!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flying to Ecuador!

We are on our way!!
Flying to Ecuador on Sunday!!
Here are some snapshots of our last week in North America as we say goodbye to family and friends.
Our next update will be made from Ecuador!
Thank you for your prayers!