Friday, January 4, 2013

Advent Calendar Week 5

December 21:  Alliance Academy Alumni Christmas Dinner

My brother and sister-in-love flew in to Ecuador!!  YEAH!

We are so glad they were able to come down.

 Reading with Zane:

{Day 3} What God wants for Christmas

December 22:  Driving to the Jungle

Zane loved Aunt Aj's dog Chance

I was so glad to have my brother here!
Reading with Zane:

{Day 4} What God wants for Christmas

December 23:  Family Christmas Photo Shoot

I will have to do a post about these photos because they are SO good.

Sneak Peak of our photo shoot!

Another missionary took these photos for us.  She did an amazing job!

Reading with Zane:

{Day 5} What God wants for Christmas

December 24:  Christmas Eve Gift!

Night before Christmas putting Z to bed {mom was more excited than Z}

Reading with Zane:

{Day 6} What God wants for Christmas

Every year on my mom's side of the family they have a tradition.

If you can say "Christmas Eve Gift" to someone else in the family before they get you- they have to 'give' you a present.  (give is in quotes because after these 26 years I have yet to see any giving of gifts when your gotten!)  I think everyone lives in denial that they will loose so no one plans on giving any gifts.

My husband caught on to this tradition really fast- and he has gotten me every year since we've been married.  grrrrrr.  But I usually get my mom.  ;-)  And you answer the phone "Christmas Eve Gift" so you 'get' whoever is calling.   Many times the phone never rings on Christmas eve because people are afraid of loosing.

Technically you can 'get' someone at 12:01am the early morning of December 24th.  December 23rd  night is usually spent playing games and hoping everyone else forgets to say the phrase so you can conquer!

The tricky part is: it's an individualistic sort of thing so you have to point at the person your getting or you might have missed them.  Watch your back though because if your getting your sister on your left someone on your right could get you!  So you have to be sneaky.  Best to say the phrase in private so you can go to your next victim.  Everyone plays.  And when you win you get the glory of knowing you are the one who remembered FIRST!

Sometimes if you go to bed before midnight the early bird does get the worm and usually blows everyone out of the water.... IF they remember.  That is the key!

There are a lot of rules for me being the only one in the family that I know of who has ever written them down.

December 25:  Family gift giving time

Reading with Zane:

{Day 7} What God wants for Christmas

More adventures came with family AFTER Christmas.  Post coming soon.
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