Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Blessings

Greetings everyone, Many of you know that matrimony is on the horizon for Alaina and me. Unfortunately we cannot send official invitations to everyone, but all are welcome. The wedding will take place in Jackson, Tennessee. If you are interested in joining in the celebration, just let us know and we can give you directions. Once, early in our relationship, a good friend asked me, “What do you and Alaina have in common?” Her and I were both in the same Christian Service Outreach and it was obvious that God was the center of both our affections. This truth, along with her joyful spirit, attracted me most of all. Therefore, it was very clear from the start that God had called us both into full time ministry. Now, after many short-term trips and college nearly out of the way Alaina and I are applying to be full time missionaries with International Teams. This fall we hope to return to Ecuador and continue working with Youth World in the Ingles Student Ministries (ISM) Department. What we will do: ISM primarily works on the Alliance Academy International campus. The Alliance Academy is an English Speaking, Christian, k-12, American school. Alaina and I both graduated from this school and are excited to return and work with the students. We will identify and train potential Christian student leaders through a variety of means. 1. Chapel: Facilitating Wednesday chapel each week that is attended by the entire secondary. 2. Discipleship Groups: led by ourselves and school faculty. 3. Training: faculty that are interested in leading those Groups. 4. Guardians: A Christian Service Outreach (CSO) that trains high school students to disciple middle school students. 5. One-on-One: Staffing the chaplain’s office where we get hourly interaction with many students and often conversations. What it will take: It seems that many are hard pressed financially. For some even employment has been difficult to find. We understand the cost of going and doing what the Lord has called us to. There is a price that comes along with serving Him; if there was no price, then it would not be worth the risk. We will answer His call and we hope and pray that you will partner with us in answering that call. We humbly ask for… 1. Prayer: How can we go without His body praying for us as we enter into a cross-cultural, bilingual, third world? Please, pray for us as we are in the process of going. Even now, pray for the students of the school. 2. Finances: It takes money to live these days. Crazy…I know. Because we are still in the preliminary steps of being accepted as full time missionaries we do not have an exact quota we must reach though we must be fully supported before we can go. The missionaries here in Quito let me know that our projected need per month is approx. $3,000. This will include flights to and from Ecuador, travel costs within the US while raising support, set-up costs for housing and ministry in Ecuador. 3. Physical Needs: As mentioned we will be setting-up a house. A house needs things like a bed, refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven/stove, microwave, dishes, etc. Though we will be getting married and registering at various places we do not want people to give us breakable or large things such as dishes or microwaves. The majority of those things we will purchase once we are in Ecuador. Summer Calendar Alaina and I will be traveling this summer to visit as many of you as possible, we also hope to take on more supporters. We would like to do two things: 1. Visit you who have been faithful in prayer and support. 2. Visit churches and ministries that are doing a similar work and are alive with excitement toward the ministry that God has given them. So, if you would like for us to come and speak to your particular body or simply to visit, let us know when and where would work best. Dates between June 15th - Sept. 6th will be dates that Alaina and I would love to visit you. Feel free to pass our information along to anyone you like. Taking Action Now If you feel the Lord leading you to take part in our ministry in a financial way, this is how. Since I (Loren) am already a missionary with International Teams you can send checks or cash to: Loren Holland International Teams 411 W. River Rd. Elgin, IL 60123 Be sure to make the check out to International Teams and indicate that the money is “for the ministry of Loren Holland”. This process will change in May when we change over to full-time missionary status. Those of you who already give on a monthly basis will receive instructions on how to change over. Thank you all so much for what you have already given to the Lord’s work here in Ecuador. He has and is doing great things. I have been reminded this very day that we consider the ministries we’ve been given as mercies from the Lord, not obligations. May He alone be praised for who He is and the work that He is doing. Blessings -Loren Holland 6233 15th ave. Meridian, MS 39305 601 572 5176