Monday, November 15, 2010

we love our job

Friday Nov. 5th: I (Alaina) had a sleep over with my small group. It was a good time of hanging out, eating, learning about human trafficking, and some sleeping. We got watch a movie called 'Human Trafficking' which shows what is happening today in the sex slave industry. We also got to invite over my friend Desire who is from Holland and has moved here in hopes to start a girls home for victims of forced prostitution. We got to spend time hearing her story and talking with her about what is going on right here in our own Ecuador, and what we could do as a group to help! We are excited about that possibility in the future. At midnight we got to skype with my friend Holly who lives in Greece and is working with prostitutes there. Her blog is the following if you are interested: We meet every other Tuesday night- so you can be praying for those times! Friday the 12th we had a half day at school that the Chaplains planned. It was a great day for the students to hang out and interact differently with each other and other teachers than they do normally at school. First of all we had a pancake breakfast for everyone. That included all high school and middle school! This picture is of the line to receive the pancakes! They were worth the wait though! The coffee shop was booming as the students came by and got to order Latte's and Frape's to go with their pancakes! It was a blast to have the students and teachers so chill and in a hang out mode. We got to spend some quality time hanging out and talking with students about how they were really doing in life. We also got to play ping-pong, fuse-ball, pool, soccer,& basketball with the students if we wanted to for a little while. Chapel was soon after the hang out time we had. We all went to the Chapel and watched the documentary "Beyond the Gates of Splendor". It is about the 5 missionaries who were speared to death here in Ecuador reaching the Waorani people. If you look at our blog back to this summer you can see pictures and hear how we got a chance to live with the Wao for 3 weeks. After we showed the documentary we had a panel of men who spoke. We had a man speak who is named Dr. Wally Swanson. He has been doing ministry here in Ecuador for 50 YEARS! He was around here when the Missionaries were killed and went into the Waorani tribe when there was a huge Polio outbreak and helped cure them. Chet Williams who is a missionary here with our mission working with the Wao we interviewed about current events in the tribe. (Chet was also Loren's dorm dad when he was in high school at Alliance!) Also on the panel of discussion we had Miniweh who is the grandson of one of the Waorani men who killed the 5 missionaries. Talk about redemption and God turning a bad situation in the eyes of men into good! Here is the grandson of these murderers testifying to God's grace, forgiveness, and a desire to share that with all people! Hallelujah! Our God is amazing! Here is a photo of Jake (our team leader), Dr. Wally, Miniweh, Chet, Loren, and I.