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International living quirks, home life spurts, God-inspired thoughts, DIY projects, and mommy moments captured here by Alaina Holland.

My husband and I work in Quito, Ecuador with International Students.  We get to live life along side  youth.  My passion is to mentor young ladies and point them to Christ as the only one who will ever satisfy them.  However, in this stage of my life, my primary role is to disciple our first son Zane.  I am on a steep learning curve that keeps me on my knees with getting to be a mommy.

I enjoy with all my heart being married to a Godly, visionary, organized, and ridiculously funny husband.

Let me get out and exercise and you've made my day!  Playing Settlers of Catan, that is high up in the happy list.

If I had 2 free hours (and my husband was busy) I would have a hard time deciding wether I wanted to pick up a good book, scrapbook, try a new craft project, blog, or spend time with a dear friend over a cup of tea.

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