Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just blame it on teething

So I am pretty sure my dear son has been teething now for 3 months... or so I've thought for the last 3 months- 'surely that tooth is going to burst through today'.  No teeth have appeared yet for my little almost 8 month old man.  So  ANY time he is grumpy- I get to blame it on teething.  ;-) works out pretty well.

When the dishes don't get washed I can blame it on teething.
When the laundry stays in the dryer for a couple of days its definitely teething's fault.
My desk that is a catch all for clutter hasn't been cleared because his gums are swollen.
This excuse reason works for just about anything I don't want to do.

Today I ran with my jogging stroller up and down our neighborhood.  (I say UP and DOWN because that  is all there is around here).

It was pleasant- except the fact that my little teether threw up all over himself with all the bouncy commotion the flattest part of these roads can manage.  I even waited an hour after he ate before leaving.  This teething thing is changing our lives.  

In the middle of my run I hear him say 'ah- ah- a- a- a-a- AH- ah- a' for about 5 minutes.  His gums must be hurting.  Poor boy.  I have decided I am training him to be a bull rider.  Good things these strollers are made with seat belts.  I'm just saying,  its not to keep my child from climbing out- its to keep my son from bouncing to the next neighborhood.  

Unfortunately even when I go for a 'calm' walk he bounces so much he throws up.  Break through already little white bones!

Anyone have any suggestions with how to keep his food down him while jogging?  Or when I can take him for a ride and he won't display all his insides to the world?  Is there an age thing I need to wait on?
Or is he just finally for real teething?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Stroller Fitness Featured Writer

I had the privilege to be a featured writer on an E-zine (online magazine).  It is called Inspired By Family Magazine.
They are doing a series on beYOUtiful mom for the mothers day season.  Many great articles by different authors.  In this series so far they have explored different DIY crafts, printables, nursing, loss, bi-cultural adoption, parenting tips, and exercise.

I wrote about Toning Stroller Exercises.  The articles are in two parts.  Check out the first one here.  And the second one here.

If you want to tone those legs, abs, back, and arms check it out!  You also get a bonus with having your baby along for the ride too!


*Update:  My article was also featured at
July 31, 2012 The article was also published at