Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ecuador at Last

Greetings All,
Getting to Ecuador was a challenge to say the least.  With horrible weather in Houston, it took an extra 24 hours to get there.  The Ozaki family hosted me as well as got me to the Consulate the day of my departure to acquire my visa.  God worked it out perfectly!  
Only an hour in the consulate with no problems whatsoever.  He is incredible!
I arrived in Ecuador last Friday night around midnight as was greeted by some of my very dear friends.  It gave me such a warm know
 what I mean?  This past week has b
een spent preparing for school to begin and getting the year
 mapped out for ministry.  The chaplain's office was rearranged by Alaina and I and I think it looks pretty good.  What do you think?
I am thrilled to be here.  Many of my friends, teachers, mentors keep asking me if it's weird to be back here.  In some ways it is, but like I told Alaina, "Could you see me doing anything else?"  Truly, this is what I have wanted to do for so long that I just thank God for allowing me to serve Him in this way.  Though He is not served by human hands as though He needed anything, I thank Him still.  Often it is where we least desire to go that He serves us best.  Already I have been stretched to place greater faith in Him as this morning I was put in charge of leading the faculty worship band for the first day of school assembly.
  Those who pray for me, thank you, it was awesome!  The group worked very well together and sounded amazing.  Piano, Bass, Percussion, 2 guitars, and 3 voices.  God blessed me by having it go so smoothly. 
Soon I will be putting together student worship teams for chapels.  There will be an application process involving spiritual and musical placement.  Pray that I would heed His directing and have the wisdom to approach each applicant with discernment and most of all love.  He loves these students so much and already I know many that are unaware of this.  Pray that I and the chaplain team will communicate the Lord's love for them in ways that we cannot fathom.  We are His.
Presently there are only two of us in the office.  Four total within a few months.  Pray that the team will grow together in purpose and common love for the students resulting in humility and effective ministry.  Pray that I can be a blessing to Adam the overseer of the Chaplain's Office and as well to the Weatherbys, the new Directors of Student Ministries at Alliance Academy.  I hope to be as helpful as I can, while encouraging them and making their jobs easier.
This evening Alaina returns to the US to begin her senior year.  It was not an easy parting, but He is sufficient.  We have not left everything that He does not want to satisfy us a hundred fold with Him.  In other words His grace is enough.  She will return here for Christmas, for which we are both thankful.  Pray that we will keep our eyes and hearts on Him as He teaches us what lessons He has.  
I lift my eyes up to the hills.  Where does my help come from?  It comes from you Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


     As I go, preparing for the mission field, so many emotions and thoughts have run through my mind. One of those emotions is one I did not expect. FEAR. Having grown up on the mission field, the last thing I felt was fear of doing what God had called me to do. Whether it was street ministry or youth groups or worship teams, I experienced nervousness, and sweaty palms, but not fear like I have felt lately.
Fears:   - Not adequately fulfilling the role of chaplain to the students of the Alliance Academy   - Afraid I lack the necessary skills to serve Him   - Failing in...integrity, discretion, wisdom, example, leadership, servanthood, honesty and capability.   - Disappointing supporters, sending mission, partner missionaries.
  From the time God called me I have known what I would do with my life. Every large decision in my life (college, finances) has been made with that holy ambition in mind. As John Piper puts it...a holy ambition is something that you really, really, really want to do and God also wants you to do. My holy ambition is to see godly leaders raised up for this generation impacting the world with the message of the gospel. I have a passion for the lives of young people and I desire to see them choose what is good, right and true. In this world it seems all but impossible to find someone whole-heartedly committed to faith, purity, uplifting speech and deep honest love. They can be found though and I hope to see the young people I connect with become just that by the power of God.
     With YOUR prayers and support it CAN and WILL happen. Right now I NEED YOUR PRAYER. Never underestimate it. Our God moves mountains and splits seas when we have the courage to trust Him and step out in faith. Lets walk together in this faith and discover those immeasurably great and wonderful things that God does beyond all we can ask or imagine. “Surely what Christ means is that he himself makes up for every loss. If you give up a mother's nearby affection and concern, you get back one hundred times the affection and concern from the ever-present Christ. If you give up the warm comradeship of a brother, you get back one hundred times the warmth and camaraderie from Christ. If you give up the sense of at-homeness you had in your house, you get back one hundred times the comfort and security of knowing that your Lord owns every house and land and stream and tree on earth. Isn't what Jesus is saying to prospective missionaries just this: I promise to work for you and be for you so much that you will not be able to speak of having sacrificed anything. That's the way Hudson Taylor took it, because at the end of his 50 years of missionary labor in China he said, ‘I never made a sacrifice.’” By John Piper. © Desiring God. Website:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ecuador on the Horizon

Greetings, friends and family,
What an intense moment in my life! Less than two weeks from now I will enter the mission field as an intern for Youth World. Between now and then I will take two tests, get my visa in Houston while visiting past dorm parents Bob and Carol Snell, speak for a local church and finish packing and preparation for leaving. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support over these past months of preparation. They have tested and tried me in many different ways. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him whole heartedly. These next weeks will be the most stressful as I transfer to another country and adjust to a new schedule and living arrangement. Pray that I would continue to be diligent in seeking His Kingdom first each day as I am reminded of the calling I’ve received. Pray also that He will continue to provide financially as extra costs have added up. Extra Costs: -Change in tickets schedule to Ecuador ($262) -Miscellaneous Ministry expenses: Sponges, Resource Books (Worship Songs, Discipleship books) -Dress Code - Khaki pants, collar shirts, and NO Sandals. When I was at Alliance as a student, the chaplains did not have a dress code requirement, but as faculty and staff, they now must “dress-up”. Therefore, I may be picking up some proper attire once I’m in Ecuador. Current Costs: -Support is still needed. If you would like to give. Do not hesitate to jump on board with what God is doing in and through the chaplain’s office ministry. The past week was spent in Fort Worth, Texas with Alaina and her family. It was a great time despite being bed ridden for 3 days with a severe cold. Alaina and I were able to visit Dallas Theological Seminary and have a tour along with a free lunch. The school looks like a great place and could perhaps be in our future plans someday. Please continue in prayer for me as God prepares me to go to Ecuador. Pray that He would grant me the strength and wisdom to remain above reproach in my leadership and example to the students and faculty of the Alliance Academy. And that I would find the humility to work with my partners in ministry as they are my brothers and sisters there to reach people for the Kingdom. Thank you all for your prayer and support. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful to be able to step directly from college to full-time ministry. God has truly blessed me through you. Without those that have given towards this passion and those who have grabbed ahold of this passion for the nations to speak the praises of God, I would feel much more alone in this work. Thank you. -Loren 6233 15th ave. Meridian, MS 39305 Mundo Juvenil Casilla 17-17-691 Quito, Ecuador