Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living Waorani Style 1

For the past two weeks we were in Waorani land! We had the opportunity to help put on a Bible conference in the community of Nuneno.
Reynaldo and his wife Blanca ran the whole family Conference in the jungle.
The Williams family are missionaries with Youth World and invited us to go with them. We are so thankful!
This is the team from Rancho Baptist Church in California who helped us in the jungle.
Traveling to the Waorani village.
We got to hike through the jungle while Nanto showed us what all the plants are used for!
Everything from diapers to red die to what they make baskets out of. Nanto is the leader of the community Nuneno where we stayed for 10 days.
Loren got got to spend many hours talking with him and hearing his many great stories.
We braided many
heads during the week because they saw how the US team wore braids.
The one in the middle with the grey shirt is
Dana. She also works with Youth World and is a wonderful leader.
We would have a service in the morning with all the people and one at night. Telling everyone about the love of God. Loren helped translate for the conference. The message went from English to Spanish to Waorani.
I asked a 5 year old girl what was her favorite
thing to do. She answered "washing clothes". I asked her sister who was 7 what her favorite thing was and she said "cooking". What would a 5 and 7 year old say to that question in your hometown?
During the week we not only fed ourselves but also all of the Waorani who were in Nuneno for the conference. After every meal we would wash all the dishes in the river.
Cecelia (wonderful
Christian woman who
cooked for
200+ people breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week!) and Kasey (Youth World Intern who is a wonderful example of Jesus with skin on) working in the kitchen.
Cooking fresh meat that was just hunted. When you worked the kitchen you cut up many Platanos (a type of banana), potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and yucca.