Sunday, March 14, 2010

Subsuelo Coffee Shop!

Loren and I have been busy these last few weeks with getting this coffee shop up and running!
Thankfully we have the help of an intern Emily
who knows ALL about coffee!
Here is a picture of Loren and my sister Aujaleen painting the coffee shop.
It has been such a joy living in the same city as my family. We don't see them all the time, but when we do get to hang out it is a true blessing!
We are feeling more and more settled in our apartment all the time. I am enjoying learning how to cook on a gas stove, walk everywhere, speaking spanish, drinking juices, and buying wonderful fresh fruits and veggies!
This weekend we replaced my phone that was stolen! We got the cheapest one we could find because that one might be stolen again this next week.... (hopefully NOT!) It took us most of yesterday getting the phone replaced.
Here are some pictures of the coffee shop and wh
at it looks like now. In the photo are two of our team members, Emily and Dave. We will be having an event coming up this week called BYOM 5 (alive) CHOM which stands for: Bring Your Own Mug (5= 5th time we've done it) (alive just rhymes with 5) Coffee House Open Mic. The students love this time because they can bring their musical talent and show it off while the audience can enjoy great coffee and fellowship. When we had this event last month 110 people showed up! Our next one is this thursday the 18th. We love this time because the students who normally do not care about God will come to these events because they want to play their instruments. Pray that we can engage in great conversations about God with them through means of coffee and music.
Loren and I had the opportunity to be seminar leaders for the students half day last friday. This was a true blessing because we were able to speak to students about what was on our heart. I spoke to the girls about 'whats your worth' and Loren spoke about establishing a foundation in Christ before going off to college.
I really enjoyed my time with the girls who came to my seminar. I orchestrated mAlign Lefty seminar to be different than a regular classroom setting. I had candles around the room and moved all the desks and brought in cushions for the students to sit on. I spoke from my heart about how our security must be in something that cannot be taken from us ie: Christ. I also had them think about what they didn't like about themselves then poured truth on them through scripture on how they were created beautiful. I told them any time they think of that aspect about themselves that they do not like, they must rebuke it because it is a lie! At the end I had them listen to a song by Bethany Dillon about how in Christ we are completely satisfied. I had a good response from the girls who came and they seemed to enjoy the interaction with games and stories. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying for these young women at Alliance who are attracted to the world more than Christ.
This are some photos of our Ingles Student Ministries team: Ashley, Adam, Loren, Dan and Dave working hard in our office. One day Adam and Dave came to work matching (Dave is wearing pink too but the flash took it away). It was a photo moment. We have a lot of fun with this team we are apart of.

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  1. wow! i love hearing about your seminar very creative and so grounded in truth.

    the coffee shop looks and sounds amazing! where is it located?

    totally crazy to picture you, daniel and alaina as chaplains... it nutso and so very cool cuz back in my old-school day, ya'll were sitting on the OTHER side of the chaplain's desk.
    bless you all in what you are doing... sooo sooo fun and soo soo great to hear and know some of what God is doing in and thru you!