Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coffee Shop Tour!

This is a quick tour of the coffee shop, Subsuelo at the Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador. We are so privileged to have this space. Now that you know what it looks like, you can pray more specifically. Thanks so much!
For those that are wondering...Alaina is doing much better. She is on antibiotics to fight a bad stomach infection. We are actually both still fighting some stomach issues, but are on the mend. Hopefully no more emergency room visits for a looooong time.
Thank you all for your prayers.
Loren and Alaina


  1. Hollands! This is so awesome. So does the school use the old dorm now? It looks great. We're just going to have to come and visit and you have make a latte! God bless ya's!

  2. Hey Loren,

    You should make a video once it is packed so that we can see how crazy it gets!

    God Bless,