Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coffee Shop Shopping!

We have been BUSY these last couple of weeks figuring out our schedule at the school as Chaplains.
One of the best parts about our days so far is that none of them are alike! This last week we have been concentrating on getting this Coffee Shop running. We have been painting, shopping for supplies, and running all over Quito figuring out where on earth they even sell coffee supplies. Its been a good challenge.
These are some pictures of the crowd the coffee shop brings plus the initial pictures of what it first looks like, and we will update the pictures when we have it all painted!!
We love what we do here, and are continuously making those connections with the students about who Jesus is!
Loren is doing great with managing the Coffee Shop as well as getting back into Leading the Chapel Worship times. These students just LOVE him and its so fun to observe!
My schedule every day is different. For example I have spent lunch time with girls who are at In School Suspension, been a Sub for a sick PE teacher, lead small groups, and spend time in meetings, prayer, and at the coffee shop!
Thank you for your prayers! My cell phone was stolen on Monday, so that was a slight complication in my day. There are continuous events that could distract us from why we are here. Pray that we will keep our focus on Christ and Him glorified! Thank YOU!

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