Monday, December 10, 2012

Zambiza Dump Christmas Party

Picture the Zambiza Garbage Dump Christmas Party.  For more information on what the party is all about and how it came to be see my post on Advent Calendar Week 1.

The following photos were taken by Mrs. Schirmacher!  Thank you so much for sharing.  We love this family!  They are working in the German department of the HCJB radio station.  

These students have been consistent in our youth group for a few years now 
and we have come to enjoy like crazy hanging out with them!
They are genuine, trustworthy, and radiate Christ to those around them.

Zane's first picture with Santa!

Just love the unique outfits.

People lined up to enter the party!

Zane and I's job- hand out candy!

No age limit for who gets to play!

It got hot- Zane loved his water!

Love the NY fan.  ;-)

Tons of people waiting their turn in line to come in!

With fond memories,
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