Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Calendar Week 3

December 11:  Laundry (had a lot...)- (while listening to Christmas music!)  ;-)

December 12:  We went to the store and bought some Christmas movies we were missing!

Aurther Christmas, Elf, Sound of Music (ok not Christmas but we got it) ;-)
Unfortunately you can't find The Nativity Story anywhere around here.
Zane started walking this day! See VIDEO.

December 13:  Made 5 dozen sugar cookies for upcoming events!

December 14:  Girls night at Jess' house.  Decorated cookies.

Jess is pregnant with their first little boy.  He was moving around and everyone wanted to feel!

Jess hides a pickle ornament in the tree every year.  The girls wanted to find it- so they looked and looked and looked for over 10 minutes.  After rolling on the ground with laughter and looking for it like  crazy they finally found it!

Hadn't heard yet about the tragic events of the Newtown Elementary School shooting.  We do not have cable therefore we get the news usually the next morning when we read the news on the internet.  We were deeply saddened, shocked, and prayed for these families who lost their loved ones.

December 15:  Went to Miracle Worker by Alliance Academy Drama department!  

Play about Helen Keller!

Becca "Helen" & AJ great friends from Shell

They did an amazing job performing!  Many of our youth from Mosaic performed in the drama.  It was very entertaining, extremely well acted, and a joy to watch.

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