Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent Calendar Week 2

December 6:  Girls day.  Scrapbooking with Ashley!

This was such a joy to me!  Loren was so sweet to keep Zane for the afternoon while I got to scrapbook with a dear friend.  I am finishing up his first year... just 2 months behind- not too bad.   (Before you think I'm on top of things- after this scrapbook I will go back and make our wedding album...!)

December 7: Home-made Pumpkin Butter & Pumpkin Muffins!

Recipe for Pumpkin Muffins was found in a magazine... sorry no link!

To keep the little guy entertained while I baked:

I had to sweep the floor after this messy time for the both of us!

The recipe for pumpkin butter.
I made enough for two small jars.  Froze one and kept on in the fridge for current usage!

December 8: Eden's first Birthday Party.

December 9: Mosaic hang out!  

For more information/updates on current happenings with our youth group visit: http://mosaicquito.blogspot.com

December 10: Chocolate chip cookies & Basketball!

We also got to watch some of our Mosaic guys play in their first basketball game of the year!

To see what we did the first week: check out Advent Calendar Week 1.
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