Monday, June 4, 2012

Australian Tim Tam Slam

Chocolate.  Make that a lot of chocolate.  Equals a good Tim Tam Slam party.

Let me introduce you to a tradition from down under that has made it to south of the Americas.
We threw our friend Jessica a birthday party at our house.  Our friends Rachel and Wesley were able to join us and introduce us to an Australian tea drinkers adventure.

Choose a delightful tea of your choice.  Grab a Tim Tam.  And experience the joy of eating chocolate that will literally MELT in your mouth deliciousness!

Here is how it works.

 Find a friend who just got back from Australia and can bring you some of these treats.
Bite small opposite corners to get a taste of the chocolate.
Rachel showing us how its done  

 Then stick one chocolate corner in the wetness of your steaming tea.  Proceed to use the Tim Tam as a straw.  Act quickly now because the dark sweetness will proceed to break down into a soft mush.  Fast! When that happens you must stuff the whole cookie in your mouth.  Tim Tam Slam.

Chocolate Straw

 What you can't truly picture here is the difficulty I had with stuffing the whole Tim Tam in my mouth all at once.
Play a game, blow out a candle, and eat more chocolate to conclude the night of birthday fun. 

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