Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Generational photo when not in the same place...

How to make a generational photo when all of the family members are not in the same place at the same time.  Idea originally found on Pinterest!

Gather the youngest member of the family.
Find a black curtain for the background. 
Have grandma comb little guy's hair... or smooth down the peach fuzz. 
Put on him a nice shirt and have him smile by dangling a toy... no matter how old he is he should smile at that.  ;-)  I think I even made you smile.  
Get that picture printed as a 8x11 size.  Put it in a frame.  
Tip- buy 3 or 4 of the same frames depending on how many will receive the final project at the end.  That way they can display it in their house with the same frame that is shown in the picture.  
Now hopefully you have better studio than we do- this particular shot was taken in the wall mart parking lot in our car... so we wouldn't have to go back home before we ordered another picture... ;-)
Give that framed picture to the dad of the boy.
Print this photo 8x11
Go to Grandpa's work.  Don't forget to bring the black curtain and newly printed picture that you now put in the frame.  Take a picture and get that one printed 8x11.

Then have some fun.

Can be a cute idea for a family photo as well!
Make sure to remember your NOT in the photo your holding!
cheesy senior photo pose

 The last step is to get great-grandpa to pose with the last photo printed.  Go to G-grandpa's potato farm.  Talk with the Grandpa to find out that the potato cellar with the doors open makes a perfect black background for a photo.  He has some skills when it comes to photo taking and ideas.
looking out of the cellar
change to black and white
 The final product I added a verse by using www.picmonkey.com.  It is my new favorite user friendly free picture editing online tool sense Picnik left.
And one reason I like it even better than Picnik is you can choose to save the photo's you edit as high resolution.  This lets you print them!  I printed this picture as an 8x11 and it has perfect quality!

Happy Fathers Day!  

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  1. that's so awesome!! and yes, you did make me smile!