Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just blame it on teething

So I am pretty sure my dear son has been teething now for 3 months... or so I've thought for the last 3 months- 'surely that tooth is going to burst through today'.  No teeth have appeared yet for my little almost 8 month old man.  So  ANY time he is grumpy- I get to blame it on teething.  ;-) works out pretty well.

When the dishes don't get washed I can blame it on teething.
When the laundry stays in the dryer for a couple of days its definitely teething's fault.
My desk that is a catch all for clutter hasn't been cleared because his gums are swollen.
This excuse reason works for just about anything I don't want to do.

Today I ran with my jogging stroller up and down our neighborhood.  (I say UP and DOWN because that  is all there is around here).

It was pleasant- except the fact that my little teether threw up all over himself with all the bouncy commotion the flattest part of these roads can manage.  I even waited an hour after he ate before leaving.  This teething thing is changing our lives.  

In the middle of my run I hear him say 'ah- ah- a- a- a-a- AH- ah- a' for about 5 minutes.  His gums must be hurting.  Poor boy.  I have decided I am training him to be a bull rider.  Good things these strollers are made with seat belts.  I'm just saying,  its not to keep my child from climbing out- its to keep my son from bouncing to the next neighborhood.  

Unfortunately even when I go for a 'calm' walk he bounces so much he throws up.  Break through already little white bones!

Anyone have any suggestions with how to keep his food down him while jogging?  Or when I can take him for a ride and he won't display all his insides to the world?  Is there an age thing I need to wait on?
Or is he just finally for real teething?

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