Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 1: project simplify

Pass the shelf on the way to the kitchen and think- ugh.  Pass the shelf on the way back to the bedroom and think- I should organize that.   1 month later pick up baby toys and place them randomly on shelf.  2 weeks later pass the shelf and run out of room to stash.  2 days later read about project simplify and get really excited about how we are starting with kids stuff.  And TODAY is the day!

If you want to learn more about it and want to join me- click on the box above.

Here is the before shot of the shelf...  


Here is the after shot!  


I had some construction paper that had been hanging out way too long in my scrapbooking pile.  So I decided to use different colors as the backdrop of the shelf.  (just taped it on- we will see how long it really lasts...)


These baskets I had gotten down in Santa Clara at our 'home market' here in Quito.  I had purchased some material to make pillows (in the picture on the stool).  And decided with the left over material I would hot glue them on the baskets to add some cuteness.


With little Zane 5 months old  and acting like he wants to crawl I knew I needed to get to baby-proofing the house at ground level.  The bottom shelf now has his toys in a basket and all our books with durable/hard pages for him to reach and pull off.  Now I won't have to worry about him getting in to something that he can't play with.  (I still have the rest of the house to do- but it feels good to start somewhere!)

I did start a pile for books/toys that we don't need.  Hopefully we can donate some items so children here in Ecuador can enjoy them as well!

As part 2 of this project I also organized Zane's dresser.  There wasn't tons to organize since I already have the top drawer as clothes he can wear now, the second as clothes he will wear next... (and so on).  But I did put away in a box the clothes he has grown out of.  (all the newborn outfits that are so TINY!)

Zane can still fit in some of the 0-3 mo. old clothes with being so skinny.  Yet anything with footsies he wears the 3-6 mo. pile because he is just so long.  

Here is the before shot of the dresser:

And the after!!!

The painting of the tree with the names of God on it was created by one of our students from youth group who graduated last year.  

He painted that design on his locker and I couldn't help but comment on it and just about drool over it every day with how much I loved the names of God portrayed that way.  

He suprised us this year for Christmas and gave us a copy of his painting!  I was ecstatic with joy!  It had been in our living room for a while and now I am rotating it around to different parts of the house- because it just looks so good no matter where it is placed.  Thanks again Brady! 


Overall I enjoyed the organizing.  Thank you simple mom for the accountability!  

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