Saturday, March 10, 2012

Handball tournament!

Run, dribble, pass, jump, throw! Defend, hold, fight, intercept, push, block!

We got the privilege to attend a handball Quito tournament this saturday. We went to watch a student who goes to the Mosaic on Sunday nights which is our youth group.

Here is the Quito team huddled getting ready for the game.

Our friend Johannes from the Mosaic is running down the court.

Our son Zane is cheering on the game with all of his 5 month old noises!

At one point it started raining really hard and dripping on the court! The team just cleaned it up with a jersey and kept playing... they really needed a bucket to catch all the rain drops that were falling! See in this picture 'cleaning up' going on.

During penalty shots they let people in the audience come and shoot in the goal. Loren got a chance to go and shoot. This blurry picture is him shooting- and its blurry because Zane was so excited and moving so much in my arms. But Loren is the red fuzz.

We won a little ball from throwing!

Zane really liked this little ball.

It was fun getting to watch handball but more than that hang out with this international group. I got to sit beside Tamara from the Mosaic and chher on our team!

By the way- at the end there was a raffle drawing- and we totally won a huge basket full of wonderful goodies!

Next time YOU will have to join us on this adventure outing with part of the Mosaic.



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