Thursday, November 10, 2011

Capture this moment

Words cannot express how thankful I am to our neighbor and friend Carla! Because of her we have some precious baby photos of Zane!
Check out her blog:
She is so creative and I just love getting to spend time with her and her family. Plus I love to soak up her wisdom and be inspired by all her fun crafts!

So precious! Thank you CARLA!!! LOVE these photos!

Yesterday we went to the doctor for Zane's check up. Zane is only 5 weeks old and is already over 6 pounds now. He has also grown 5 centimeters. The doctor kept saying "Don't worry that he is not fat- he has grown so long it has distributed what would have been fat". We just smile and nod. I had to go in the other room when they gave him his HepB shot. It's so hard to knowingly watch him hurt.

This Tuesday I am flying to Texas for my brother Mirike's wedding!! I am super excited about going to the states, celebrating Mirike & Amber, and having Zane meet family. I am also nervous with flying for the first time with a baby. Loren won't be able to go (we can't afford it) so he will be here in Ecuador working on one of his seminary papers he has due soon. Zane and I will join back up with Loren in Ecuador for Thanksgiving.

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