Monday, July 7, 2008


Our weekend in Nashville was great! Alaina and I spent a few days with Neil and Laura Gowan and their little baby Sally Jane. Have any of you ever been to the Cheesecake Factory? I highly recommend it if you have the money. Alaina and I are enjoying our cookie dough cheesecake with Neil, Laura and Sally in Cool Springs (I think that's the town) just south of Nashville. Neil and Laura were both friends from Ecuador

What a cute baby!

We had a packed weekend as the premier of Veggie Tales' new vegetable adventure The Big River Rescue was shown in Franklin that Friday. And none other than THE voice of Larry the Cucumber was present.

It's always great to share with old friends. Especially with those who have had a similar experience living in Ecuador. We even shared a meal of Ecuadorian ceviche one evening.

As I look over the pile of schoolwork that still lies ahead of me I am reminded that nothing happens with out the power of God at hand. Please pray that I will have the discipline needed to accomplish what has been apportioned to me. Most of all I'm learning to surrender it all as I can do nothing to change my future.
Support raising is going well. Over $3,000 were raised just in the month of June. That puts me just over the half-way mark. YES! God is good. He will get me where He wants me to be in His timing. Continue to pray for support to come in and perhaps even you may decide to give.

In Him,
Loren Holland

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  1. Hey Loren!!! The Howells miss you guys. Glad you had fun in Nashville with friends, thats so fun. Peyton wants to know when Waren and Awaina are coming over.....its gonna be a long couple of months. Hope you are having a good week of productive school work and YES we totally love the Cheesecake factory, awesome. Take care, Jen