Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tennessee Boys and Girls

Right now I'm enjoying a wonderful breakfast at Perkins in Jackson, TN. Alaina is wrestling an intense summer course that has occupied most of our time. We have been moving from one study spot to another around Jackson. It's difficult as most places don't really cater to studious people during the summer, especially the college! All weekend the library was open for weird hours and sometimes had power and sometimes had internet. Go Figure.

Alaina's acquaintances have provided great lodging. I'm staying with a youth pastor and his family. Wonderful folk!

Alaina and i took care of their kids for an evening.

All this studying has made me pretty tired, but Alaina and i have had a great time so far.

I've been reminded this week that faith is being assured that God will be all He promises to be. At times I realize just how small my faith is when I seek to satisfy my desires with anything less than God. May God grant us more faith in Him, to believe that he will satisfy us with all His riches in glory. And that doesn't just mean money. It means all he is in every situation is enough for us. Thank God.

In Him
Loren Holland

Check back soon for details of our weekend in Nashville and "Spider Man with a BEARD???

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