Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink and Red match...Today

Zane had his first Valentines day party at four months old.
I had fun getting to hang out with Kelley and Beth and their kids for some good 'ol mom time. Beth was a wonderful host and made us yummy tomato soup for lunch.
Zane got to 'decorate cookies'...although he seemed to want to chew on his toy and mama more than pay attention to the delicious cookies Kelley made. That's ok- more for mama. ;-)

We also got to have a photo shoot time. These next few pictures captures the moments of toddlers, babies, and mama's running around. Having all those kids stay still so our photos won't be just a big blur fest is quite the challenge.

At this point they all wanted to give Zane a kiss. Sweet.

I am pretty sure here Canaan is putting flowers on Zane's bottom.

This is the one picture all 5 kids are sort of in the same picture. Although it is just the legs of some... Jack, Karleigh, Canaan, Eden, & Zane.

Drool fest mania

Canaan Kiss while Zane winks... classic V-day pose. ;-)

Zane and Eden who are about 2 months and 2 weeks apart.

At the end of the time we were rolling in the oreos in the carpet. Now that equals fun.

Zane also made a card for daddy today

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