Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quito Celebration

Let me introduce you to Celebrations we just went through here in Quito. The quotes are from GoEcuador.com. "Every year, on the 6th of December, QuiteƱos celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of their city and Ecuadorian capital. San Francisco de Quito, as it is officially named, was founded in 1534 by the Roman Catholic Spanish conquistadors on the ruins of the Inca capital Kitu." "The main focus of the week long event is the Feria de Toros Jesus del Gran Poder which is held at the Plaza Monumental de Toros. The bullfights go on every afternoon, rain or shine, for eight days, culminating on December 6th. The festival in Quito is arguably the most important and traditional bullfighting affair of the Americas." I want you to glance again at the name of the Bullfighter... Jesus del Gran Poder... if you know a little bit of Spanish you will see that translated his name is "Jesus of great power". Wow- if you ask me that is one confident bullfighter!! This year Loren and I didn't go to any of the bullfights- but we have been before. It is quite the adventure with drunks in the stands and men killing bulls in a dancing form. That is the reason for the celebrations and these are some ways how they celebrate! ~Going to the bullfights ~Riding a chiva The Chiva rides around the city while people dance to techno music and blow a whistle. We had Monday off because of the holiday- so we went to some old Catholic Cathedrals downtown with our friends. In the picture is our friend Lauren who is now our next door neighbor since we moved into our new place. She is the elementary Chaplain at AAI. Ashley is also with us and she works with us in the Chaplains office. Ricky- who is not in the picture 'cause he is taking it, was there as well. We ended the lovely day by eating at "Vista Hermosa" (Beautiful View) downtown and this was our view of the city, truly hermosa!

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