Thursday, February 7, 2013

Husband Climbs Iliniza

Photo memories of my husbands' 16,817 feet and 7 inches (5126 m) climb up Iliniza Norte.

They could see Cotopaxi from hiking up Iliniza.

Guys Loren went with

Cotopaxi is the ultimate goal of all these other mountain hikes.  More on that after he climbs it! 

Some snow and ice along the way.

Just look at those eyes... ahhh.  And the beards all mine ladies.  ;-)


At the very tip top!!

So I asked my husband before he left if he was going to take his shirt off in victory when they got to the top.
He came back with this picture.  

What fun adventure, next major mountain: Cotopaxi... watch out.
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  1. How many hours/ days did it take from trailhead to trailhead?

    1. Hey Corbin! His hike took about 7 hours.