Friday, September 28, 2012

Grasp This Moment

Dear Zane,

Today is your last day of being under one years old.

Tears surface when I think about how a year from now I was belly swollen so ready for you to come out!

Can I take pictures of you every second of today?

You have that sweet squint grin that makes my heart leap with joy.

You hide behind the couch, wait a second, then emerge in expectation of my surprised reaction.  I react big- I am addicted to that giggle I get in return.

You crawl away in joy looking back at me wanting me to chase you.  I don't want to miss any moment-I chase!  I sweep you off your feet not wanting to waste one minute of today.  Your last day of being 11 months old.

They told me time would go by fast.  Savor.  Now I breath deep the understanding that comes with that statement.  Your baby months have gone by in like flash of lighting that suspends me staring at that spot even after you've grown out of those clothes.

Today dear son, my heart if full.  Loving the fact you are growing, yet not wanting to miss any snippet of opportunity to be by your side.

I smile as I recall when you got into the flour and make that ridiculous face.  It is worth it.  Messes are worth it.  You are more important than my floor.

Love you my little Z-man time traveler,
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  1. This post is so sweet! I can feel how much you love him just through your writing and pictures :)
    -linking up after you with Lisa-Jo-

  2. Lovely post and what a sweet wee one you have.