Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dawn Dive

We are currently in Texas now in our journey around America.  
Man is it hot!  

And this is from a girl who every year growing up had a pool party in January for her birthday.  
Living in Venezuela as a child I think they should have re-named the town we lived in El Sol.  All year round (you get that? ALL YEAR...) it was 95 to 110 with high humidity.  
I remember my dad always sweating.  Always.  
But moving to Quito, Ecuador spoiled the socks off of me.  It is 65-75 degrees all year long!  
I have always been a wimp when it comes to winter time... but now I am a pansy when it comes to summer time too.  

So how do we fix this problem?  Pretty much live in the pool.
4th of July

Enjoying Corn on the Cobb

They don't have this in Ecuador!

 One part about being in the states that I have loved is getting to run in the mornings.

 I do get to do this in Ecuador too- but here the neighborhoods are safe.  I can run with my iPod and everyone has a nicer one than mine- so no one wants to steal it... or even think of wanting it.   I don't have to constantly worry about looking over my shoulder.

 The sidewalks here are straight, smooth, and make sense.  It is so much fun getting to run and not worry about spraining my ankle because of all the pot holes.

Best of all its a great worship time.  I get to spend 20 to 30 minutes in the morning singing to God.  I am sure I look funny because sometimes I can't help but raise my hands.  ;-)  I love worshipping outside.  You see the trees, hear the birds, smell summer time, and know your body is getting much needed exercise.

With all the business of always being in new places this summer I really love the fact I can run no matter where we visit.  And I get time to talk, listen, and love God before responsibility splashes in the face again.

Do you make alone time with God?  What is stopping you from making that time?

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