Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach Front

We step out of the car and what first takes over our senses? The heat and humidity embracing and never letting go.
But lets not get ahead of ourselves, first let me show you some pictures of our car trip to the destination.

Zane gets to eat while the bumpy roads make mom put the food on his nose!
We bought one of our favorite fruit snacks in Ecuador from a stop light vendor.
We call them harry cherries.
You know your getting close to the beach when you start seeing these types of taxi's.

Back to where we started:

We arrive and heat is overwhelming!
This is a big deal because we live in Quito, where we get spoiled with a nice 65-75 degree weather ALL year round!
We had been waiting for this moment to come back around for 2 years. In two years memories can get a little foggy. You tend to idealize the situation a bit. The inconveniences are swept away and only pleasant thoughts reside.
We forgot things like the heat. bugs. out house bathroom. rats chewing on our headboard in the middle of the night. dirty floors in the cabin. cold showers.
I can recall...
The beach front room. True. A porch with two hammocks that looked out to the Ocean. True. Wonderful food to eat. True. Private beach to explore for miles. True. Now I have to mix all the wonderful in with all the not-so-glamorous and I come to the conclusion that we enjoyed our time immensely.

We introduced Zane to the wildlife.
He wanted to eat all the wildlife, leaves, sand, and salt water. I confess I did find some small leaves in his diaper... interpret that how you want.
Parts of my journal unfold here:

"As I stand silently like a hermit crab when sensing danger, the floor around me comes alive. If I don't move a muscle I see crabs skirting, scooting, and scurrying. Dig, dig, dump. Hermit crabs dig, dig, dump the dirt into neat little balls that make swirls all over the million grains of sand.

Unique. Rocks smooth. With holes, shells, and wild crabs. The early morning has a pleasant humid breeze as I inhale the saltwater air. Insects in the trees give off their location with loud clicking. Birds tweet, hum, and fly all around. The ocean ebbs and flows in and out, in and out, as the noise softens to a quiet hush and rushes toward me increasing in volume with a roar.

The long skinny fish in the streams swim swiftly in spurts of energy. These left over bodies of water derived from the tide going out. Rejected by the main body to fill the need of sustaining life in the crack of a rock. They no longer go with the crowd but stay but stay stagnent- for an allotted time- put there by God.
Jagged lightening in the distance overlooking the ocean appears for a moment. No mas. A moment in time. if you blink you would miss it. We are a moment in the grand scope of eternity. A moment that will be done with in a flash. As quick as lightening. What am I doing with my moment? What are you doing with your moment?
The clouds are pregnant about to burst open waters of life. Thunder drums its way to the creshendo. Cool kisses of wet start falling on our skin. Time to head back for the sake of the little munchkin currently chewing on his hat string. Brisk walking is spurred by the sky's emty stomach grumble.
Some rocks are slippery with wild moss layering the floor. Makes going faster more difficult yet mixed with a healthy dosage of excitement. Caution rules instead of speed when you almost loose your footing a time or two.
The moss green and long wave goodbye in the shallow waters.
Reaching our grass covered shelter the kisses turn in to slobers. Zane rubs his eyes and I marvel again at how much he has grown these past 6 months. Moments later he rolls over in his warm crib with the mosquito net around him. He wimpers until he finds his comfort thumb. Sleep overtakes this bundle of joy while mom and dad go out on the porch to enjoy the ocean pour.
Laying on the hammock suspendid in air. Savoring this relaxation. Husband looks over at me from his hammock. We smile as we catch each other's stare. Words are not needed. We know we made it just in time. My heart surges with love for this man who I know isn't perfect but is perfect for me.
As the rain falls in sheets of beautiful music I glance out and the waves of the ocean are not effected. The white tipped waves continue to fall one after another. Waves coming to the earth screams there is a God in a silent display. Pleasant. Honoring God for what all He has created. Beautiful.
As the sun conquers the clouds to let some rays shine through the rain drops reduce in size and soften their noise. My eyes must squint small as heat from the sun bathes my body in yellow blankets peeking through the clouds. Breath deep. Every paricle of wet reflects light. Exhale His glory. Mist replaces droplets of love.
Baby stirring inside. Gurggles and giggles wake a happy soul. Cuddle time again. Love these moments. Cherish the time around you. Go through life usingall your senses. Heat takes over as steam rises from the kitchen to signal its breakfast time. Thunder in my belly urges me forward. Thank you Lord for such a morning."
Another journal entrty:
"In Numbers 20:6-13 Moses & Aaron disobey God. The reason was plainly stated in verse 12: 'You did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites...' Moses' punishment was that he could not enter the promise land when the Israelites finally entered. After spending decades leading the people up to that exact purpose.

Lord please teach me to always trust you enough. Even when I could be RH sensitized? The answer is a resounding YES. God desires for us to trust him even when the future- our future- is uncertain, rocky, scary, and dissapointing.
Lord please teach me to honor you as holy in the sight of those around me. May I not be quiet about you just because I'm around those who don't outwardly care about you. May I be bold at all times to proclaim your power in the midst of all circumstances!"

The ride back to Quito was very LONG. There was a landslide so we had to go the long way around to Quito. It took 9 (NINE!!!!) and a half hours for a 5 hour trip. But the view was breathtaking.
We had a marvelous family prayer time and were very thankful for the break.

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