Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogsy on the iPad

 First blog post from our iPad!  Last year we decided instead of buying another computer we would get an iPad- tons cheaper- but I couldn't do what I normally do on the computer on the iPad (update our blog with personal and ministry information (really one and the same))- so it was deemed useless for me.  But now I am excited to use this new app designed for blog posting on the iPad!  It is called Blogsy.  

Now loren can take our computer to work and I can still post on our blog.  Excited!!  

Ok- here I am playing with the different features on this Blogsy to see what all I can do.

 This is a video my sister AJ (mk living in the jungle with her shoes always off) showed me when we were hanging out around Christmas time. 

Let me describe to you one of the ways my 12 year old sister inspires me.  Aj and a friend decided they were going to collect clothes for the homeless.  So they hopped on their bikes and went door to door  collecting extra clothes and took them to the local Jungle hospital to give to those in need who came from the deeper jungle.  So imagine two girls on bikes with bags filled with clothes going to the hospital.  There is a window look into how AJ hears God's voice and acts on it even when she didn't have to and could have come up with other things to do.    

I will now post this to check out how it does.  Thank you for being patient while I play.  ;-)

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