Wednesday, August 10, 2011

moving... again

To keep our house cleaner- to de-clutter- and get rid of stuff you don't use anymore everyone should move every 6 months. ;-) This move was unplanned and unexpected. We thought we would be here for as long as we were in Ecuador. Little did we know that the future held... a landlady who refuses to help get our water working. Our Califon (what heats our water) randomly works and went out for 4 days straight. It needs replacing. Our pipes are very old and have a lot of build up- and need replacing. The pressure never was great to start with either. If we do get hot water it is so scalding you cannot enter without burning- or extremely cold. Fun. With a baby coming we prefer not to scar him for life. Unfortunately, as I am now 8 months pregnant, it will be more challenging to move. Thankfully we have friends here who can help Loren with all the lifting! Look at how much baby boy Holland has grown! Blessings with having to move: We will have working water. Our new place is across the street from a park that our child can play at. It is walking distance from English Fellowship Church where Loren will be working as the youth pastor. I am trying out my green thumb again- this time in planters. I see little sprouts forming and it makes my heart leap with joy! My first attempt in our little yard you might recall failed permanently when some plumbers came and dug up my yard. This time- I will protect these little guys and hope they produce something! I have planted tomatoes, onions, oregano, and cilantro.

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