Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Wailing Wall

Graduates of Alliance Academy International received their diplomas and the great disperse begins. The cross cultural work we do means many goodbyes. These goodbyes mean that they will go somewhere in the world and who knows when we get to see them again. We had a hard time this year (like last year) having to say goodbye to the students we mentor. Here are a few photos that capture a moment in time of that night. After graduation when you get to say goodbye to the Seniors the circle they stand in around the gym has been known as the wailing wall because it's an emotional time of transition. Sadly goodbyes do not only extend just to the seniors. The wailing wall is also a place for goodbyes to those not coming back to school at Alliance. Loren will miss Marcel as he moves to the states before his graduation. Loren and Marcel played basketball together Thursday nights. I will dearly miss Leesha. She will be doing her senior year in the States. She was in my small group this last year and is a treasure from God. She will be missed greatly. There we have a sneak peak into the life of a transitional kid- moving- again. May they learn that God will be their only constant in a life where everything else around them will change. Even if you have been in only one place your whole life- do you rely on God to be your foundation? Do you lean back on what is comfortable or step out into the unknown blackness where trust in God is all you have?

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