Saturday, January 30, 2010

Constant Blessing

I wanted to share a story:
Someone I've known for a long time had a birthday recently. When I called to wish him a Happy Birthday I asked him what he did to celebrate. He had gotten together with friends and sort of had the usual birthday stuff, but then says, "Let me tell you what else I did!" Instead of asking for gifts, he had told his friends to bring just money. He said he didn't really need anything, but rather wanted to use his birthday to raise support for Loren and Alaina Holland. When I heard that, I was floored. What a sacrifice. In the past I've heard birthdays described as the ultimate worship of self. Look at me! I was born! This isn't always the case as others want to appreciate us and tell us what we mean to them. But, to use the occasion to help others in need seems almost unheard of. What hit me more than that, was how he chose to give to us what we all hope for once a year. Not to buy something, but to share in what the Lord is doing. Thank you so much!
Let's take a good look at our every day lives. Our motivations are usually us centered. Even in our attempts at good, there so often lies an evil desire to gain something. This guy challenged me to look at my life. For me, it seems every day is like the celebration of myself. How far will I get today? Will I be happy? Will someone care about me today? Will I do the right thing and get some attention? So sad. Will you walk with me as we seek to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Christ? I have a feeling we are a long way from what that verse is trying to get us to do. In humility, let's approach the throne of grace and better see ourselves for who we really are. Then we can better see Christ for the redeemer He really is.

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