Sunday, October 26, 2008

Student Worship and the Gift of Tongues

The past couple weeks have been an open view to the hand of God.  Some really incredible things have happened.  Most recently the students of the Alliance Academy have chosen to take a huge step forward in their faith.  This past Wednesday's chapel concluded in prayer at 10:10am after a 40min. chapel.  They were encouraged to spend some time praying for each other.  So they did, for the rest of the day.  Not all, but at least 30-40 kids moved in and out of the chapel for the rest of the day praying and encouraging one another while singing worship songs and truly desiring to encounter God.  It threw the whole morning off for many teachers, but none the less was received well.
Out of a desire to continue worshiping and encouraging one another through prayer, the students (not the chaplains or any other staff) decided to have a worship night this past Friday night.  They asked me to be there to play songs and give what guidance I could, but they entirely took the task on themselves out of a desire to worship Him.  What a blessing it was to see students pray and edify one another in love and desire for God.  That does not happen often as many of you know.  Please continue praying for these students as they are stepping up as leaders in their school and this world.  They need your prayers and encouragement as they fight to make eternal choices every day.  Thank you.
As I mentioned in my earlier note, the guard of my apartment building has chosen to follow Christ.  Because I am the only truly solid believer around him I am charged with the task of discipling him.  This is where I've been praying for the gift of tongues.  I thank God that I know Spanish language as well as I do, but in describing the things of the heart and the things of God, I find myself struggling often.  Pray that I can communicate the gospel of Christ and the Christian walk well, not only in speech but in actions and attitude as well.  He is so thirsty for God's Word and eating up anything I can give Him.  Thank you for your prayers and support to make this ministry happen.  You are seizing the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing and for that you will be richly blessed.  Our God desires that none should perish and that all would come to a knowledge of Him.  We know that not all will, but know that we are chosen according to His purpose.
Thank you all for your prayers.  Continue in Him rooted and build up.

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